World-class global account management and learner support.

Our experienced teams across the world provide direct support in more than 20 countries, offering guidance on how to conduct a needs assessment, implement a pilot program, secure ongoing executive sponsorship, drive usage and more.

Pearson English Business Solutions Support Team

Our global team also provides ongoing support (globally and locally) ranging from best practices for employee engagement, benchmarks for usage, and detailed ROI analysis.

GlobalEnglish customers are also supported by an experienced team of global and local staff who provide guidance on how to secure executive sponsorship, incorporate our products into change management plans and drive uptake to targeted levels.



GlobalEnglish enables employees to seamlessly develop their Business English skills while continually enhancing organizational productivity.

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The GlobalEnglish partnership has enabled us to improve our Business English on a global scale, resulting in additional market opportunities and ROI.


— John Johns, HR Director, Americas at CSC

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