Virtual blended learning: It’s the future of Business English learning, and the future is here.

Historically, face-to-face English learning was the single solution of choice for most companies. But attendance is typically low, quality is difficult to control, costs are high and consistency is all but impossible to maintain. With these challenges in mind, there was a shift to the online environment, which resolved a number of issues but presented new challenges, for instance, how to keep people motivated with a purely technology-driven approach. 


What emerged was a new solution—virtual blended learning

Virtual blended learning combines the best of both worlds: the important aspects of human-based training and the best of technology innovations.

When successfully implemented, the benefits of virtual blended learning solutions range from motivation, personalization, consistent quality, on-demand results tracking, high scalability and easy global implementation. And the results of virtual blended learning are evident: Our experience shows that employees utilizing virtual blended learning solutions progress three times more quickly than those in a standalone classroom environment.

GlobalEnglish is the only Business English solution provider to have created effective virtual blended learning combinations designed specifically to meet the needs of three distinct groups of employees.

General Workforce

For the general workforce, we recommend on-demand self-paced Business English learning with virtual tutoring. By assigning a virtual advisor to each employee, they are able to set and achieve individual objectives based on their current proficiency level and the demands of their job. Companies tend to see an improvement in on-boarding and engagement, returning more immediate results.

Leadership Pipeline

For the “high potentials” earmarked for a fast track within an organization, the challenge is not only improving proficiency, but building confidence.

For this group, we’ve designed a solution that includes structured self-paced on-demand learning and personalized virtual learning with a dedicated coach. This enables employees to focus on specific skills such as listening comprehension and active speaking in a way that is one hundred percent personalized to their precise profile and track. And with no geographical limits, virtual coaching also ensures that those destined to lead, meaning your critical talent, will be matched by the same level of talent.


When it comes to C-level and high-level leaders, the language solution isn’t just a question of English versus Business English, it’s a matter of making sure that the learning content is specific to executive job demands, such as preparing for high-profile meetings, negotiations or professional writing. The desired outcome is not just about improving linguistic skills, but about increasing global leadership competencies that will enable these top executives to better lead within a multinational and multicultural environment.

For this group, we recommend fully customized one-to-one virtual coaching with two added elements—the aforementioned global leadership skills content and VIP service delivery. Our solution is uniquely customized, offers unparalleled scheduling flexibility and discretion, and is delivered by world-class native English-speaking coaches with guaranteed EFL and business expertise who are used to working with individuals at this level.

Our virtual blended learning solutions differ from those of other English language training providers because of:

  • Teacher quality: We have an extensive group of native English speakers with proven business experience. Be wary of low-cost options; they typically mean that the teachers are of poor quality and are not native English speakers.
  • Technology: ensure a single, centralized platform that allows for self-paced learning and robust on-demand scheduling, tracking and reporting.
  • Business focus: business-oriented content with an emphasis on real work simulations that include language skill and business competency development.
  • Coverage: confirm that both the program administrator and the employee will be able to get timely global support and that sessions can be scheduled according to their local time zones and preferences.
  • Experience: A provider should have proven experience designing solutions specifically for, and working with, global corporations. Plus, they should offer “out-of-the-box” programs as well as customized services that combine multiple blended approaches to best fit your specific needs.

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GlobalEnglish enables employees to seamlessly develop their Business English skills while continually enhancing organizational productivity.

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The GlobalEnglish partnership has enabled us to improve our Business English on a global scale, resulting in additional market opportunities and ROI.


— John Johns, HR Director, Americas at CSC

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