Our revolutionary Rewards, Progress and Measurement (RPM™) approach will change the way your employees learn Business English and maximize your workplace performance.


GlobalEnglish understands how challenging it can be to motivate employees to learn, so we set out to eliminate the hurdle.

We’ve developed an innovative approach based on top gamification techniques and behavioral science that underpins our Product Suite: It’s called RPM (Rewards, Progress and Measurement). With RPM, GlobalEnglish delivers the only Business English competency–based learning experience that incorporates gamification to drive engagement and motivation—and generate measurable performance gains in the workplace.


Subscriber Experience

Key elements of gamification (such as points, badges and a newsfeed) are embedded into the learning environment, allowing subscribers to more readily feel success. It breaks down Business English learning into small tasks. Subscribers are able to better track their performance by working toward specific and meaningful goals—related to language skills, business competencies and essential on-boarding activities—and are empowered to share their progress in a fun and rewarding way.

This fuels:

  • Higher product adoption and deeper product engagement
  • Transparency for the subscriber into his/her activities and progress, as well as that of his/her peers
  • Ability to share ranks and statuses in internal and external platforms, triggering friendly competition


Admin Experience

The Report Center provides program administrators with the utmost insight into subscriber usage, activities and progress, delivered in a highly compelling and interactive fashion. Reports based on subscriber activities and rewards are available via dashboard and detailed views; rich, easy-to-modify graphics are presented in a format that shows only the most relevant data. And key administrative functionality ensures that these insights are actionable.

Admins are able to:

  • Easily manage and message subscribers directly
  • Get access to real-time reporting ranging from usage metrics to activity status to progress and engagement
  • Effortlessly modify charts and graphs to compare and contrast individual and/or group- or company-level activity
  • Receive notifications with relevant data points related to industry benchmarks and company goals

What RPM Means for You

Gamification is proven to encourage people to do difficult activities and is more motivating in the long term than financial incentives. In employing behavioral science and gamification techniques, RPM promotes a sense of accomplishment, which research shows is a motivating factor for continued usage of products. Higher product adoption and increased usage accelerate subscriber progress, and advanced administration and tracking provide the ability to successfully manage a learning program while also clearly measuring ROI.

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GlobalEnglish enables employees to seamlessly develop their Business English skills while continually enhancing organizational productivity.

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The GlobalEnglish partnership has enabled us to improve our Business English on a global scale, resulting in additional market opportunities and ROI.


— John Johns, HR Director, Americas at CSC

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