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Fundação Bradesco expands contract with GlobalEnglish to develop the English skills of tomorrow’s global employees

Brisbane, CA, August 19, 2008 — GlobalEnglish Corporation (www.GlobalEnglish.com), the leading provider of on-demand learning and support for Business English communication, today announced that Fundação Bradesco has significantly expanded its contract to provide the GlobalEnglish Corporate Learning Service™ to help students learn English online. Fundação Bradesco, a non-profit organization backed by Banco Bradesco, provides education to transform the lives of over 110,000 underprivileged students in 40 schools across Brazil. The expansion of the contract with GlobalEnglish reflects Fundação Bradesco's commitment to develop the English language competence of their students so that they are better equipped to succeed as members of a global workforce.

"We chose the GlobalEnglish Corporate Learning Service because we are confident that the service will prepare our students for higher education and the job market," said Mr. Nivaldo Tadeu Marcusso, CIO of Fundação Bradesco. Over 10,000 students will use GlobalEnglish to improve their English skills. "English has become a key enabler in the global market, and there is a growing emphasis on developing Business English communication skills here in Brazil," he added.

"We are proud to be associated with Fundação Bradesco in their efforts to add real value to the lives of young people who are preparing for the future," said Deepak Desai, President and CEO of GlobalEnglish Corporation. "English competence will create significant opportunities in large, multinational organizations for these individuals, and we are delighted to be partnering with Fundação Bradesco to facilitate students' long-term success."

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GlobalEnglish is the leading provider of online assessment, learning, and support for Business English communication for the world's top companies. We offer a scalable, on-demand solution that helps employees improve their ability to communicate effectively in English and enables companies to succeed in the global marketplace.

The GlobalEnglish Corporate Learning Service™ provides learners with a unique blend of rich course content, progress assessment, and performance support. The service also offers live, real-time access to qualified English teachers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via voice and text. And a complete suite of administration tools helps companies easily manage, measure, and track performance across the organization.

GlobalEnglish complements its world-class online Corporate Learning Service with a full range of implementation services, including a team of global consultants who partner with clients to ensure success.

GlobalEnglish is the preferred choice of the world's largest companies, including BNP Paribas, Capgemini, Cisco, Deloitte, Deutsche Telekom, GSK, Hewlett-Packard, Hilton, John Deere, Maersk, Procter & Gamble, Reuters, Unisys, and Wyeth.

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English is critical for our success. We needed a solution that we could deploy around the world, would help any level and that would include tools that could provide instant help on the job. The only service that could handle this huge challenge was GlobalEnglish…It always comes down to money and our return on investment has been excellent when measured in productivity gains.

— Tony Gleeson, former Global Director of Learning Programs and Solutions, Deloitte LLP, U.S.

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