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IBM Japan, Kenwood, Clarion, Kao and Yanmer Select GlobalEnglish to Improve their Employee's English Language Proficiency

GlobalEnglish Prepares Corporate Employees for TOEIC with Practice Tests and Strategy Tips in Test Preparation Center

South San Francisco, CA, February 28, 2001 — GlobalEnglish Corporation, the leading provider of online English language learning services for corporations and consumers, today announced five major Japanese companies —IBM Japan, Kenwood, Clarion, Kao and Yanmar — are using the GlobalEnglishTM Corporate Learning Service to improve their employees’ English language proficiency.

As Japanese corporations extend their international business reach, the ability to communicate in English has become essential for survival in the global economy. These companies selected the GlobalEnglish Corporate Learning Service for its superior course content and unparalleled reporting and administrative tools. In addition, the GlobalEnglish service allows learners to take two TOEIC practice tests in preparation for the official TOEIC test, a standardized test of Business English language proficiency, which many corporations in Japan require of their employees.

“We believe companies in Japan will need to offer their employees a quality online English language learning service, such as GlobalEnglish, in order to successfully compete in this new world economy,” said Fred Grainger, president and CEO of GlobalEnglish. “These leading organizations are among a large group of Japanese companies to benefit from the quality content and state-of-the-art multimedia features GlobalEnglish offers.”

These companies selected the GlobalEnglish Corporate Learning Service for a number of reasons, including the engaging course content and the cost-effectiveness of the service. Because the GlobalEnglish service is available via the Internet, companies can provide the service to students anywhere in Japan or the rest of the world so they can improve their English skills. In addition, learners can choose the right course based on their score on the GlobalEnglish Placement Test, ensuring they are working at the appropriate level for their skills.

For those companies using the GlobalEnglish service to train future employees, the service not only provides online English instruction, but it also functions as a communication tool between the company and students who have not yet joined the company on a full-time basis.

Mr. Takahiro Muroi, personnel manager at Clarion, said, “Using the GlobalEnglish service is the best way to train our workers because we don’t have to gather them in a classroom, which is always very difficult to do. GlobalEnglish offers us an exclusive site, which helps promote a sense of belonging to our company.”

For Japanese companies that require their employees to take the TOEIC, GlobalEnglish provides two full-length TOEIC practice tests and key test-taking strategies to help employees prepare for the real TOEIC. In addition, employees’ scores on the GlobalEnglish Placement Test compare to specific score ranges on the TOEIC test, so employees can find out what their approximate score on the TOEIC might be.

Mr. Osamu Sugano, of the personnel department in Yanmer, adds, “GlobalEnglish is a superior English training service with regard to its flexibility. It also allows administrators to monitor their workers’ achievement easily, which is important to ensuring the success of the training.”

The GlobalEnglish Corporate Learning Service offers comprehensive, quality English language instruction that is available anytime and anywhere employees have Web access. The GlobalEnglish service incorporates proven educational methods and the latest Internet technology—including speech recognition, record and playback, audio, and graphics—to create engaging learning activities. The emphasis on functional language and listening is particularly important because it provides relevant practice for interactions that take place in the business world, including conducting negotiations, preparing proposals, and delivering presentations. In addition, each corporation can customize the GlobalEnglish Corporate Learning Service site with the company’s logo and post important company information for learners on the home page message board. Managers can also take advantage of extensive administration and reporting tools to track each learner’s progress.

Along with other GlobalEnglish clients such as Tokyo Dome Corporation, Telecom Italia and Deutsche Telekom, the five new GlobalEnglish clients are effectively addressing the increased demand for English language proficiency in order to compete effectively in the global economy.

About GlobalEnglish Corporation

GlobalEnglish is the leading provider of online assessment, learning and support for Business English communication for the world's top companies. The company offers a suite of scalable, on-demand products that help employees improve their ability to communicate effectively in English and enables companies to succeed in the global marketplace.

GlobalEnglish is proudly made up of a team of global consultants who partner with clients to assess their Business English needs, ensure successful implementation and provide ongoing local support to over 30 countries worldwide.

GlobalEnglish is the preferred choice of the world's largest companies, including BNP Paribas, Capgemini, Cisco, Deloitte, Deutsche Telekom, GSK, Hewlett-Packard, Hilton, John Deere, Procter & Gamble, Unisys and Wyeth.

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English is critical for our success. We needed a solution that we could deploy around the world, would help any level and that would include tools that could provide instant help on the job. The only service that could handle this huge challenge was GlobalEnglish…It always comes down to money and our return on investment has been excellent when measured in productivity gains.

— Tony Gleeson, former Global Director of Learning Programs and Solutions, Deloitte LLP, U.S.

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