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Deutsche Telekom Selects GlobalEnglish.com for Web-Based English-Language Instruction

Europe’s largest telecom company signs corporate training agreement with GlobalEnglishTM, the worldwide leader in Webbased English-language instruction

Daly City, CA, April 3, 2000 — GlobalEnglishTM Corporation, the leader in teaching English online, today announced that it has been chosen by Deutsche Telekom AG (NYSE: DT) as the provider of online English instruction for employees. Deutsche Telekom, Europe’s largest telecommunications company and the third-largest telecommunications carrier in the world, selected GlobalEnglish following the completion of a highly successful pilot program and will begin offering the Internet-based training service to its employees throughout Germany this year.

The GlobalEnglish service offers 10 courses from beginner to advanced, developed by its internationally recognized ESL staff and expert advisors. The GlobalEnglish Web-based multimedia instruction offers reading, writing, speaking and listening activities that are highly engaging and effective.

“Our agreement with GlobalEnglish marks an important step in ensuring the success of foreign-language training,” said Willi Elz, head of internal training and learning platforms for Deutsche Telekom. “Our staff is now able to complete a multilevel English course, adapted to their individual learning speed and conveniently close to their place of work. Another big advantage of the GlobalEnglish service is its focus on learning for daily business situations.”

“Deutsche Telekom is a leader in providing state-of-the-art communications technologies to its customers,” said Mahesh Ram, vice president of corporate business development for GlobalEnglish. “By choosing GlobalEnglish as its standard for company-wide English-language instruction, Deutsche Telekom is making a similar investment in leading-edge learning technologies for the benefit of its employees, and ultimately for its customers as well.”

Advantages of Web-Based Training

Because Internet training is available anytime, anywhere, from any computer with an Internet connection, courses can be taken at home or at work, during the day, night or weekends. Online courses eliminate the need for costly classroom training and can increase employee productivity by not interfering with regular work schedules. And, unlike CD-ROM courses, Web-based programs offer new and dynamic course content that is updated on a regular basis.

The GlobalEnglish corporate training service features multiple courses, with an emphasis on engaging learning activities that simulate real-world experiences in a business environment. Users have round-the-clock access to skilled English-language teachers and can even receive assistance with written documents, such as reports or presentations, through the unique Personal Editor service. The GlobalEnglish service also offers the most comprehensive collection of just-in-time educational support tools available online, including translation dictionaries, culture notes and grammar reference materials. For corporate clients, GlobalEnglish also provides a range of special services, from customized user interfaces to powerful, easy-to-use reports and sophisticated site administration tools.

About Deutsche Telekom

Deutsche Telekom (NYSE: DT), with revenues of nearly DM 70 billion (nearly $40 billion) in 1998, is Europe's largest telecommunications company and the third-largest carrier worldwide. A total of more than 12 million marketed ISDN channels makes Deutsche Telekom the world leader in ISDN, and with more than 4 million T-Online customers, the company is Europe's largest Internet provider. Offering a complete range of products and services, Deutsche Telekom has more than 47 million telephone lines in service and about 15 million mobile telephony customers (including majority-owned subsidiaries). For more information, visit the Deutsche Telekom Web site at: www.telekom.de/international.

About GlobalEnglish Corporation

GlobalEnglish is the leading provider of online assessment, learning and support for Business English communication for the world's top companies. The company offers a suite of scalable, on-demand products that help employees improve their ability to communicate effectively in English and enables companies to succeed in the global marketplace.

GlobalEnglish is proudly made up of a team of global consultants who partner with clients to assess their Business English needs, ensure successful implementation and provide ongoing local support to over 30 countries worldwide.

GlobalEnglish is the preferred choice of the world's largest companies, including BNP Paribas, Capgemini, Cisco, Deloitte, Deutsche Telekom, GSK, Hewlett-Packard, Hilton, John Deere, Procter & Gamble, Unisys and Wyeth.

For more information, please visit www.GlobalEnglish.com.

English is critical for our success. We needed a solution that we could deploy around the world, would help any level and that would include tools that could provide instant help on the job. The only service that could handle this huge challenge was GlobalEnglish…It always comes down to money and our return on investment has been excellent when measured in productivity gains.

— Tony Gleeson, former Global Director of Learning Programs and Solutions, Deloitte LLP, U.S.

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