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GlobalEnglish Announces New State-of-the-Art Multimedia Coursework for General English Learners

South San Francisco, CA, September 21, 2000 — Comprehensive, Engaging Instruction Designed to Provide Students with Skills and Strategies for Speaking English in the Real World

GlobalEnglish Corporation today announced over 100 additional hours of General English language coursework available on GlobalEnglish.comTM, the Leading Solution for Learning English OnlineTM. Two new intermediate-level courses offer learners state-of-the-art, highquality English language instruction covering a variety of popular conversation topics, including movies, the Internet, fashion, health, travel, dating, and fitness. With the introduction of two new General English courses, GlobalEnglish.com continues to provide the leading and most effective online instruction, support and free services for millions of non-native English speakers around the world.

"I have worked very closely with GlobalEnglish's first-class team of content developers and am extremely confident that users worldwide will thoroughly enjoy and learn from these materials," said Professor David Nunan, world-renowned linguist, author and senior academic advisor for GlobalEnglish. "In today's world of e-learning, GlobalEnglish is far and away the leader in providing the most engaging activities and the most effective range of online tools for English language learners."

New Coursework Emphasizes Conversation Skills

Extensive research conducted by GlobalEnglish validated that speaking, listening and conversation skills are the most important skills users need for their personal and professional lives. As a result, the assignments in the new courses continue to provide extensive listening, speaking and pronunciation practice, while focusing on the vocabulary, grammar and expressions needed for effective conversation. For example, assignments in the new courses include useful words and expressions for asking for and providing opinions on movies, dating, and talking about the Internet.

"At GlobalEnglish, our primary goal has been to enable learners to achieve strong communicative competence in the English language," said Dr. Martin Rice, GlobalEnglish cofounder and vice president of education strategy. "General English Courses 4 and 5 concentrate on providing learners with the skills and strategies for dealing with real-world communication. Assignments in a course are grouped by topics -- meaningful issues that draw on learners' own experiences, needs, and interests. Our new General English courses offer language instruction that is directly applicable to our users' daily lives."

Leading Methodology Leverages Internet Delivery

The GlobalEnglish coursework is state-of-the-art and is designed to leverage the unique capabilities of the Internet as a platform for learning. All of the coursework was developed by the GlobalEnglish team of English language experts, who have combined experience teaching ESL/EFL in fifteen different countries. The GlobalEnglish advisory board -- an impressive roster of luminaries in the English language-teaching profession, including recent International TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages, Inc.) presidents David Nunan, Mary Ann Christison and Joy Reid -- provided direction and consultation on the creation of instructional materials.

Each assignment in the GlobalEnglish curriculum engages and motivates the user to learn by using sound, flash movies, slide shows and graphics to thoroughly present specific language points (grammatical forms, functional language and vocabulary). Following each of these presentations, the learner has the opportunity to practice and produce the language that was taught. For example, each assignment includes a speaking practice exercise using record/playback and speech recognition technology to allow the user to produce the new language in a simulated conversation.

Users can sample a free assignment from each of the new General English courses at www.GlobalEnglish.com.

About GlobalEnglish Corporation

GlobalEnglish is the leading provider of online assessment, learning and support for Business English communication for the world's top companies. The company offers a suite of scalable, on-demand products that help employees improve their ability to communicate effectively in English and enables companies to succeed in the global marketplace.

GlobalEnglish is proudly made up of a team of global consultants who partner with clients to assess their Business English needs, ensure successful implementation and provide ongoing local support to over 30 countries worldwide.

GlobalEnglish is the preferred choice of the world's largest companies, including BNP Paribas, Capgemini, Cisco, Deloitte, Deutsche Telekom, GSK, Hewlett-Packard, Hilton, John Deere, Procter & Gamble, Unisys and Wyeth.

For more information, please visit www.GlobalEnglish.com.

English is critical for our success. We needed a solution that we could deploy around the world, would help any level and that would include tools that could provide instant help on the job. The only service that could handle this huge challenge was GlobalEnglish…It always comes down to money and our return on investment has been excellent when measured in productivity gains.

— Tony Gleeson, former Global Director of Learning Programs and Solutions, Deloitte LLP, U.S.

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