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GlobalEnglish Launches State-of-the-Art Internet Portal to Serve all the English-Language Needs of Non-Native Speakers Around the World

New Site, Created by Team of Language and Education Technology Experts, Offers Comprehensive Multimedia Course Instruction Plus Free Access to Fun Activities and Global Chat Community to Build English-Language Proficiency

Daly City, CA, December 15, 1999 — GlobalEnglishTM Corporation, the leader in teaching English online, today announced the worldwide launch of www.globalenglish.com. The new portal provides state-of-the-art English-language instruction, including complete multimedia coursework to online learning games, music and community chat. Created by a team of language and education technology experts, the new portal is designed to meet the needs of the 2.5 billion non-native speakers around the world who are developing their English-language skills for work, travel and personal enjoyment. The GlobalEnglish site offers 10 courses from beginning to advanced with native language support in Japanese, German, Chinese, Korean, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

"Our new Web portal sets the standard in Internet-based English language instruction by utilizing the latest and most effective developments in teaching methodology and technology," said Fred Grainger, president and CEO of GlobalEnglish. In addition to the courses, which cost only USD $20.00 each per year, the new site features multimedia learning games, online teachers, live chat, music and fun activities to build grammar, vocabulary and speaking skills—all free to site visitors for as long or often as they want. "We believe that students will find that this is both the best English language instruction service available on the Web, and the most affordable. We're proud of that," Grainger added.

The demand for quality English language instruction has never been greater. "Each year, tens of millions of students commit an enormous amount of time and money to improve their proficiency in English," noted Grainger. "It's often critical for career opportunity, or just to be able to travel and interact around the world. At GlobalEnglish, our goal is to make proficiency in English accessible and attainable to everyone, everywhere. That's why we've chosen the Internet as our platform, attracted a worldclass team of educators and technologists, and invested in stateof- the-art educational methods," Grainger concluded.

The GlobalEnglish portal is the first of a new generation of online educational sites that leverage the unique capabilities of the Internet to deliver material that is highly effective and fun. "We don't just distribute written material with support from an email teacher," said Dr. Martin Rice, GlobalEnglish co-founder and internationally known expert and pioneer in computer-based language instruction. "Our service is truly multimedia, combining text with authentic audio conversations, grammar lessons, record/playback and speech-recognition of student pronunciation. We believe this site will change the way many students learn the English language. It's both fun and effective. We'll never replace the best teachers, but great teachers aren't available or affordable to every student, and they're definitely not available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The GlobalEnglish service is."

Coursework: Multiple Levels of Self-Paced Instruction

GlobalEnglish offers a comprehensive curriculum divided into multiple courses, from beginner to advanced. Those interested in a course can begin from the portal with no registration required. Each course requires about 50 hours of student work and can be completed at one's own pace. The courses have 10 to 15 assignments each, with engaging activities to build listening, speaking and reading comprehension. GlobalEnglish courses leverage the latest language-learning technologies. Record and playback, for example, creates an interactive environment that simulates real-life conversations in English to help users develop the skills they need to communicate in business and social situations. GlobalEnglish.com is the only English-teaching portal offering speech-recognition technology, providing users with an objective assessment of their pronunciation to help improve their speaking skills. In addition, important grammar concepts are made memorable through an innovative "flash movie" slide show presentation.

Free Services and Activities, from Games to Chat

The GlobalEnglish portal offers a wealth of free services and activities, from learning games to live chat sessions. Visitors to the site can meet other non-native speakers from around the world and participate in a chat session or teacher-led discussion on topics ranging from grammar problems to Hollywood entertainment. Students have free access to English-language teachers at any time of the day or night and can even receive assistance with written documents, such as letters or resumes, through "Your Personal Editor" service. Additional free resources include "Career Corner," where users can obtain valuable guidance on resume writing and even initiate an international job search. In the "Learning Links" section users can find books and videos or get tips on study-abroad opportunities.

About GlobalEnglish Corporation

GlobalEnglish is the leading provider of online assessment, learning and support for Business English communication for the world's top companies. The company offers a suite of scalable, on-demand products that help employees improve their ability to communicate effectively in English and enables companies to succeed in the global marketplace.

GlobalEnglish is proudly made up of a team of global consultants who partner with clients to assess their Business English needs, ensure successful implementation and provide ongoing local support to over 30 countries worldwide.

GlobalEnglish is the preferred choice of the world's largest companies, including BNP Paribas, Capgemini, Cisco, Deloitte, Deutsche Telekom, GSK, Hewlett-Packard, Hilton, John Deere, Procter & Gamble, Unisys and Wyeth.

For more information, please visit www.GlobalEnglish.com.

English is critical for our success. We needed a solution that we could deploy around the world, would help any level and that would include tools that could provide instant help on the job. The only service that could handle this huge challenge was GlobalEnglish…It always comes down to money and our return on investment has been excellent when measured in productivity gains.

— Tony Gleeson, former Global Director of Learning Programs and Solutions, Deloitte LLP, U.S.

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