Finally, a standardized test that measures business competencies, is easy to administer and cost effective enterprise-wide.

Assessing the scope of your enterprise’s Business English communication challenges may seem like a daunting task. As an on-demand solution specifically focused on Business English, GlobalEnglish STEP+™ makes it efficient, cost-effective and easy to evaluate 1,000 employees—or more than 100,000.

GlobalEnglish STEP+

GlobalEnglish STEP+

The 52-minute GlobalEnglish STEP+ assesses reading and listening skills in an engaging testing experience—and delivers results immediately upon the completion of the test. This test also includes an innovative speaking section that evaluates English proficiency, pronunciation and “verbal communication” competence. Results are scored by native English language experts and returned in just 48 hours.

Easy to deploy

As a cloud-based, on-demand solution with no hidden hardware, software or IT costs, the test is easy to implement; enterprise scalability provides simple setup and administration.


The unique design allows questions to be specifically targeted to the test-taker’s level, which results in a more efficient and accurate diagnosis.

Business-specific questions

Interactive, relevant questions engage the subscriber and return more relevant insights than general English-language tests can provide.

Multiple results views

Administrators can analyze an entire organization’s results or dial down to the individual level, which provides feedback on strengths and weaknesses that the test-taker can also access.

Results correlate with CEFR, TOEIC

Test scores are linked to the instructional levels in GlobalEnglish Edge™, which align with the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) and TOEIC®.

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The GlobalEnglish Standard Test for English Professionals Plus (STEP+)

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