An invaluable tool for working in Business English: On your browser and mobile device

GlobalEnglish LinGo Pro™ gives subscribers the Business English support they need the very instant they need it to get their jobs done—in a meeting, before a presentation or on-the-go. Download GlobalEnglish LinGo* quickly to your browser and supported smartphone now..

What's remarkable about GlobalEnglish LinGo Pro?

Word / Phrase Features

A robust vocabulary center

Get the definition and pronunciation of specialized business terms on-the-go and on-demand. GlobalEnglish LinGo Pro includes keywords and phrases related to:

  • Business functions like marketing and finance
  • Industry sectors like banking and pharmaceuticals
  • Topics such as technology and careers


Comprehensive Word lists

Customizable word lists

The only Business English app that lets you customize word lists at three levels: company, topic and personal. With GlobalEnglish LinGo Pro you're able to:

  • Upload and create company-specific word lists with definitions, acronyms and abbreviations
  • Manage word lists customized with industry or department specific phrases, words and acronyms
  • Add new words for future reference with custom "notes to self"
  • Translate and hear words spoken aloud in a variety of languages and accents

The edition for company-specific word lists is only to available GlobalEnglish Business and Enterprise customers.


Access English email templates directly from GlobalEnglish LinGo Pro

Access to Email Templates

Increase your confidence when writing emails. With GlobalEnglish LinGo Pro you can easily access from your browser or mobile device a wide variety of customizable email templates that cover common business correspondence needs, including:

  • Apologies
  • Complaints
  • Compliments
  • Meetings
  • Orders

You can quickly download any of the email templates to your preferred email platform (for example, Microsoft Outlook) and then customize the content to suit your specific needs.



LinGo Pro Shortcut Bar

LinGo Pro™ Shortcut Bar

A dynamic Shortcut Bar appears whenever you highlight a word or phrase on a web page. Simply click the appropriate icon to instantly define, translate, hear, or add words to personal vocabulary lists as you navigate the web. All words added to LinGo Pro from the web are automatically synced with your smartphone and Vocabulary Center in GlobalEnglish Edge.


GlobalEnglish LinGo Pro syncs with the GlobalEnglish suite

Syncs with the GlobalEnglish Suite

GlobalEnglish LinGo Pro integrates with our award-winning, on-demand and cloud-based Business English development solution, GlobalEnglish Edge™, and customers can crowd source their corporate "lingo" from our corporate collaboration platform, GlobalEnglish Bloom™. With GlobalEnglish LinGo Pro, subscribers can easily:

  • Integrate their own word lists with GlobalEnglish Edge and GlobalEnglish Bloom
  • Sync any custom created word lists with the GlobalEnglish Edge Vocabulary Center
  • Immediately access GlobalEnglish Edge learning content and features (browser version only)


Additional features include:

"Everyday LinGo"

Each day, a new word from our large collection of industry terms and phrases is displayed on the app homepage (browser only) so that subscribers can easily increase their vocabulary.

Flashcards for easy practice

The flashcard feature makes it simple for subscribers to practice and review the business and custom terms most useful to them.


Every single word added into GlobalEnglish LinGo Pro resides in the cloud. Subscribers are authenticated each time they access the app using enterprise-grade security authentication.

What's the difference between GlobalEnglish LinGo and GlobalEnglish LinGo Pro?

Access to GlobalEnglish LinGo Pro is available exclusively to GlobalEnglish’s Business and Enterprise customers and downloads quickly to your browser, iPhone, Android and supported BlackBerry devices. GlobalEnglish LinGo Pro is offered to GlobalEnglish subscribers as an add-on to our free app, GlobalEnglish LinGo.

GlobalEnglish LinGo Pro Features:

  • Specialized word lists by industry
  • Specialized word lists by topic
  • Company-specific word lists
  • LinGo Pro Shortcut Bar
  • My Word Lists
  • "Everyday LinGo"
  • Links to GlobalEnglish Edge (from browser version)
  • Record My Voice

*GlobalEnglish LinGo Features:

GlobalEnglish LinGo Pro Demos

GlobalEnglish LinGo Pro Demo

Available on your mobile device and browser, GlobalEnglish LinGo Pro™ simplifies learning Business English on-the-go and helps increase your efficiency and productivity. 

Watch Now »

GlobalEnglish LinGo Pro Demo

This comprehensive demo video provides an overview of the most important features of GlobalEnglish LinGo Pro and shows how they can be used to help with everyday on-the-job tasks. 

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GlobalEnglish LinGo Pro™ Subscriber Stories

See how easy it is for GlobalEnglish subscribers get an edge with Business English support on their browser or mobile device—whenever and wherever they need it. Download GlobalEnglish LinGo now »

Getting productive with GlobalEnglish LinGo Pro: Shortcut Bar

GlobalEnglish LinGo Pro Subscriber Story

Karina is getting ready to launch a new product. Watch how she uses LinGo Shortcut Bar for instant Business English support while navigating the Web for competitive product information.

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Getting productive with GlobalEnglish LinGo Pro: Customized Word Lists

GlobalEnglish LinGo Pro Subscriber Story

Karen, a non-native English speaker, is on a call with her US team and has just learned a new English word. Watch as she uses LinGo Lists to create a new word list and to save the word there, so she can access it later.

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Getting productive with GlobalEnglish LinGo Pro: Company Specific Word Lists

GlobalEnglish LinGo Pro Demo

Watch Vlad, a new hire at a global company, learn company words and acronyms using Preloaded Company Lists, so he can feel confident during meetings and calls.

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Getting productive with GlobalEnglish LinGo Pro: Hear and practice to say challenging words

GlobalEnglish LinGo Pro Demo

Anya is preparing for an important customer presentation and wants to make sure she pronounces all words correctly. Watch as she uses GlobalEnglish LinGo Pro to hear a word, record it, and then compare herself to a native English speaker.

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Onboarding made easy

With company specific word lists, GlobalEnglish LinGo Pro provides quick access to company-specific terms, expressions and acronyms on the go.

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  The GlobalEnglish Productivity Toolbar™

The GlobalEnglish Productivity Toolbar™

Quickly access essential GlobalEnglish features directly from your browser to immediately improve your performance in English.

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