Patience is a virtue, but sometimes it’s nice to speed things up with GlobalEnglish Coach™.

Some of your employees may need or want to ramp up their Business English skills development—and we have a solution. GlobalEnglish Coach is a completely customized one-on-one experience that’s ideal for executives, senior managers, high potentials or anyone needing some extra help in your organization.

Reinforce what employees learn and practice online

A true complement to GlobalEnglish Edge™

Coaches know the GlobalEnglish curriculum and tools inside out; they monitor progress and craft each session to address your employees’ goals and help them get the most out of the GlobalEnglish service.

Consistent, convenient sessions

Consistent, convenient sessions

Subscribers can work—via phone or Skype—with the same coach for the duration of the coaching relationship. Our coaching team is based around the globe to accommodate regional time zones.

Personalized Activities

Innovative coaching platform

Our Web-based platform is easy to access and navigate and gives subscribers one place to manage all aspects of their coaching sessions, from scheduling to feedback to follow-up activities.

Plenty of feedback

Subscribers always know how they’re doing: Coaches provide detailed feedback during and after each session. And to ensure satisfaction, we ask subscribers to weigh in on their coach’s performance.

Personalized sessions

Each session is customized. Subscribers can get extra practice in the skills areas that are troubling them—or get help preparing for an upcoming presentation or meeting.

Wide range of activities

Coaches determine the best combination of four different types of activities, ranging from discussions that complement GlobalEnglish Edge assignments to skill-specific exercises.

GlobalEnglish Coach Demo

GlobalEnglish subscribers can accelerate their Business English development with GlobalEnglish Coach. It's a personalized one-on-one experience ideal for anyone in your organization needing extra support from a dedicated coach. Because sessions are entirely customized to fit the specific needs of each subscriber, employees see results fast whether they want help practicing a particular skill, or on a specific project.

Learn more about this blended learning option for accelerated results

Introducing GlobalEnglish Executive Coach™: A platinum-level, one-to-one Business English virtual coaching experience for executives seeking accelerated results.

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