Working in isolation at your pace suits some but for others, the opportunity to communicate and collaborate with others in a small group is valuable – allowing them to develop further skills and progress at a faster rate.

One Virtual Group is our virtual classroom environment that enables your talent to develop their skills with like-minded colleagues and business peers wherever they are, with access to some of the best tutors available.

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Group coaching

Our programme bring some of the world’s best business coaches together to supervise and guide small groups, regardless of their location and at times that are convenient for your talent.

Nurturing confidence

By communicating with and in front of a smaller group, your talent will gain confidence in their ability to discuss business topics that will help them in their jobs. From talking to customers to negotiating with clients and partners, Virtual Group is their opportunity to develop skills in a nurturing but relevant environment.

Making the most of ‘One’

One Virtual Group helps your talent to progress more effectively on the ‘One’ platform, giving them hands-on guidance to help them achieve their goals, individually and collectively.

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Download the One Virtual Group fact sheet