Communicating, collaborating and operating in a global work environment can be difficult. Busy professionals often need specific skills to enhance performance in the workplace.

Skillshops by GlobalEnglish are virtual intensive workshops focusing on the acquisition of business skills and communication techniques that enhance performance and effectiveness at work.

Highly skilled workshop facilitators focus on the acquisition of competencies such as presentations, giving feedback, delegation skills, and motivating a team.

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Learning by Doing

Skillshops are conducted in English in a virtual classroom using audio and video conferencing, and delivered in four live modules (90 minutes each) in a one day format with group sizes ranging from 4 to 6 learners per group.

Learners are required to do preparation work and to actively participate in skills-focused interactive activities. Skillshops include advanced level content designed for learners whose English language level is 8 and above. Learners will have 24/7 access to the on-line study preparation and consolidation activities.


Virtual classroom leverages the power of communications infrastructure and technology the enables flexibility and encourages group collaboration while saving time and travel costs.

Fast, Measurable Results

Skillshops provide a fast track for skills development, along with data and reporting through self-assessment and needs analysis, goal setting, in session feedback, and session reports.

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Download the Skillshops fact sheet