Introducing One Professional

Adding Human Interaction to our One Standard offering.

Building on our One Standard offering, One Professional takes the next step to ensuring learners' success by adding human interaction. With options ranging from having a dedicated advisor for motivational check-ins, to a classroom full of like-minded professionals discussing current events, to business writing practice and feedback, One Professional keeps your employees engaged and provides opportunities for immediate Business English practice to keep their learning progress always moving forward.


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Personalized guidance, expertise and recommendations

Regardless of your talent’s level of skill or aptitude, everyone needs a helping hand on the way to achieving their goals.

One Advisor is the best way to provide continuous encouragement and support to the people that need it, getting them to make the most of the business tools at their disposal.

Keeping motivated

Our Advisors are experts in the ‘One’ platform and are always there to provide learning tips, answer questions and keep learner progress on track and on schedule.

Using a blend of emails, phone calls and Skype chats in the learner’s native language, Advisors keep talent always motivated.

Download the One Advisor fact sheet

Talk with Teacher

An interactive, engaging environment for learners to practice Business English and receive feedback from a teacher in a virtual classroom. Classes are designed to improve learners’ English skills at all levels and are available 24x7. Learners can choose a session based on their personal schedule and can attend a class once a week. Sessions offer the opportunity to discuss current business issues, ask questions and receive feedback from a teacher.

Market Leader Series

For enhanced self-study opportunity we offer One Professional Plus with access to Market Leader Series. This premium business content improves learners’ ability to communicate and lead more effectively in English by focusing on linguistic competencies in the context of global leadership.