Introducing One Standard

At GlobalEnglish, we know that the more able your talent are to do their jobs in English, the better results they will deliver, whether you’re a multinational with a multicultural workforce, or a start-up that is looking to sell overseas.

That’s why we created ‘One Standard’–to help you enable your talent to communicate, collaborate and operate in the world’s common language: English.

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Focusing on outcomes

We know the way to keep talent motivated is to give them goals to achieve, and give them a reason to achieve them.

'One' is our digital platform that encourages talent to develop the disciplines that make them better at what they do in their jobs every day.

By providing them with the tools they need to develop their business skills, they quickly see the benefit appearing in work they do every day. In short, ‘One’ creates outcomes that aren’t just good for their careers, they’re great for your company’s productivity too.

Our activities range across the full spectrum of communication, from more effective writing skills to the better forming of exchanges and persuasive discussions.


Rich, relevant content

Whether it’s on-demand, on-the-job or on the move,‘One’ provides your talent with world-class content that’s relevant to the wider world of business. With cutting edge articles, opinions and exercises provided by partners such as the Financial Times, ‘One’ ensures that business activities are based on the real-time, real-world topics, keeping your talent in tune with the context of global business. And with ‘One’s cultural briefings, your talent can familiarize themselves with the multitude of working cultures they’ll be doing business with – these little differences will make working internationally so fascinating.

Pearson English One

On-the-go support and practice tool

For content on the move, One LinGo is our mobile and browser-based app that helps people communicate wherever they are. From instant translations and on-the-go business vocabulary to a comprehensive collection of business templates, One LinGo is the app that keeps talent productive, at home, at work or on the go.

Not only do learners have instant access to definitions and pronunciations of general business terms, but also to industry-specific words and even company-specific words making their lives easier.

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Total control and accountability

We know how important it is for companies to see a return on their investment, which is why we created One Dashboard – our robust reporting tool. One Dashboard puts you in charge of your company’s progress with live data that indicates the progress to each user and their administrator, through trackable, customizable information. From seeing how your employees are progressing with individual tasks to setting goals for entire teams and departments, One Dashboard allows businesses to quickly and easily monitor and maximize their progress.

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