Today’s business environment is truly borderless, calling on global leaders to transform and advance their skills beyond anything their predecessors have had to develop.

Essential leadership competencies have changed, and top executives deserve access to the best solutions that deliver unparalleled results.

GlobalEnglish proudly presents One Executive Coach, our platinum one-to-one virtual coaching programme.

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Big ambitions, bigger results

With a world of opportunity open to global business leaders, and with more responsibility to be faced in every role, today’s executives quite rightly want to achieve the very most they can in whatever role they perform.

That’s why our Coaches draft each individual session with the Executive’s needs in mind, whether it’s preparing for events such as key note speeches, or day-to-day practice of key activities on the ‘One’ platform. Ultimately, our Coaches aim to enable better leadership through more effective communication and collaboration.

VIP management

Every second counts for global business leaders, which is why our Coaches shape their flexible schedules at the Executive’s convenience, with total discretion.

Our Executive Coaches

All of our Coaches are native-English speakers, experienced and at ease when both teaching and working with executive-level staff. Business leaders are paired with a dedicated coach for the duration of the service to guarantee consistency and convenience.

Each report is delivered with a set of guidelines and recommendations, crafted by our team of Business English professionals to help you achieve your objectives, no matter what they are.

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Download the One Executive Coach fact sheet