Your talent are ambitious. They want to get ahead in life, and achieve their goals fast, developing and refining their skills in a way that doesn’t interfere with their work, but actually actively contributes towards it.

That’s why we created One Coach – a customized personal coaching service to support rapid and effective progress on the ‘One’ platform.

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Relevant coaching for real results

Because our Coaches know ‘One’ inside out, and because they’re all native English-speakers with extensive teaching and business experience, there’s no one better to get one-to-one with your talent.

Make it personal

Tailoring every virtual session to an individual’s needs is a sure-fire way to make faster progress. And because our Coaches are up-to-date with the latest activities on ‘One’, they personally check and fine tune progress, ensuring that each individual develops at the pace they need to succeed.

At your convenience

By having regularly scheduled sessions with their coaches, individuals can choose the most convenient times to catch up, or find times that will help them prepare for milestones in their working week, like important meetings and presentations.

Market leading content

By subscribing to One Coach, individuals get access to world class business content provided by Market Leader. Focusing specifically on the context of global leadership, Market Leader is a video-based course of 40 tutorials that helps to bolster individuals’ ability to effectively lead and work with international teams.

Available in other languages

One Coach learners can now study Spanish, Italian, French, German, or Portuguese. Structured courses focus on the acquisition of the language and confidence necessary to carry out communication and business tasks in that language. All courses are aligned to the Common European Framework and built around specific needs of each learner.

One Coach in other languages doesn’t come with access to One Platform or Market Leader content.


Take a look at our fact sheet to find out more

Download the One Coach fact sheet