We know that communicating in the common business language of English is essential for global success.

That’s why being able to assess your talent’s current proficiency is so important, helping you to identify and rectify skills shortages, individually and en masse, whether it’s through development of your current workforce, or making key hires.

One Assessment is our fast, easy to deploy system for measurement and goal-setting for your company’s Business English proficiency.

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The real test of English proficiency

Rather than generic questions and tasks, we use business-specific content that will be more familiar to peoples’ work roles, giving our results added depth and meaning.

Methodologies that are made to measure

Depending on your size and needs, we have styles of assessment that can be scaled and tailored to suit your objectives. From automated, accurate testing with instant results (thanks to the VersantTM platform), to business speaking activities that are graded by a Business English expert on STEP+, we can provide the pace and level of detail you need, at a pace that suits you.


Take a look at our fact sheet to find out more

Download the One Assessment fact sheet