Regardless of your talent’s level of skill or aptitude, everyone needs a helping hand on the way to achieving their goals.

One Advisor is the best way to provide continuous encouragement and support to the people that need it, getting them to make the most of the business tools at their disposal.

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Monthly guidance

Dedicated Business English advisors check in with your talent on a monthly basis over the course of a year, giving them support on how best to achieve their goals on the ‘One’ platform.

Keeping motivated

Using a blend of motivational calls, personalized recommendation emails and motivational messages, Advisors keep user progress on ‘One’ on track and on schedule.

Personalized guidance, expertise and recommendations

Everyone’s needs are different, which is why although some individuals require consistent follow-ups and encouragement, others may simply benefit from handy advice for when they start out on ‘One’. Our Advisors are there to answer questions and keep talent motivated.

Staying up to date

Our web-based platform shows talent how to get started with videos and Q&As, manage their schedules for maximum convenience, and evaluate their overall experience while using ‘One’.

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Download the One Advisor fact sheet