GlobalEnglish is the only provider dedicated to improving the Business English proficiency of global organizations. Our standardized and cloud-based products support the productivity and performance your business demands—regardless of employee English proficiency levels, geographies, learning styles or specific needs.

Self-paced learning


Our digital platform for structured, self-paced Business English learning.
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One Community

Business collaboration made easy. A platform for working with others locally and globally to improve the speed and quality of your work in English. Read more


Our application offering access to definitions, translations and pronunciation on the go. Read more

Virtual blended learning



One Advisor

Regular guidance and encouragement from your personal Business English advisor. Read more

One Executive Coach

One-on-one virtual coaching to help executive leaders develop their Business English.Read more

One Coach

One-on-one virtual coaching to accelerate your Business English. Read more

One Virtual Group

A virtual Business English course with matched classmates, tailored curriculum and dedicated coach, available from anywhere in the world. Read more


Virtual intensive workshops focusing on the acquisition of business skills and communication techniques that enhance performance and effectiveness at work. Read more

Assessment and Reporting

One Assessment

Our two assessment products, Versant and Step+, to measure Business English proficiency immediately and accurately. Read more

One Dashboard

A robust reporting tool for One and our Blended and Assessment Solutions, giving administrators immediate access to the data they need to view progress and set goals for their talent. Read more