Talent Management for a Connected World

How do you define Talent Management?

For GlobalEnglish, Talent Management is about consistently developing individuals to build on the skills that they have while gaining alignment with the overall strategy in the organization where they work.

How can companies do this successfully? By keeping these six pillars of Talent Management in mind:

The GlobalEnglish Approach

At our core, GlobalEnglish delivers digitally enabled blended talent development. It is our approach that makes us unique.

We combine formal learning – structured, goal-based methodologies, with an informal approach – using the latest media and content to engage with learners, and encouraging them to discuss, interact and collaborate on projects outside of their formal learning schedule.

When you combine this with ‘on the job’ tools that immediately increase productivity in the workplace, it makes a truly powerful learning approach, designed specifically to achieve relevant, measurable business results.

Talent Management Solutions for your Enterprise

We offer a 4-step approach to Talent Management solutions for the Enterprise; all built on the foundation of efficacy.

Step 1: Definition of Standard
In order to set a direction, you need to know what you are trying to achieve.
We have two ways of providing our consulting and benchmarking services - each one is designed to help businesses meet global standards that will deliver meaningful results - connected to their overarching objectives.

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Step 2: Assessment and Analysis

Understanding what needs to be done requires determining where thing stand.
When it comes to assessing your talent’s proficiencies, our Assessment tools help you to roll-out accurate and easy tests that can be taken by thousands of candidates at a time.  They’re truly scalable and give you a fast, accurate picture of your current and future talents’ capabilities.  Based on the Assessment results, we recommend activities and guidelines for closing competency gaps against the pre-defined benchmark.


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Step 3: Personalized Development Path

Our suite of solutions offers a development platform with suitable styles for each business skill.  They are truly tailor-able for each learner’s needs, depending on their level of proficiency, and preferred style of learning. From handy everyday tools to long-term, hands-on courses, your talent will be developed in ways that help you measure progress and results in line with your organizations objectives.


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Step 4: Measure of Outcome

Our solutions deliver real-time data that helps talent managers instantly pinpoint proficiency gaps and remedy them. Our reporting tools are made to measure the progress and abilities of talent on our platforms, providing businesses with the tools they need to achieve common corporate goals. We offer both a standard and premium approach to reporting, conducting efficacy studies, and measuring against internal benchmarks.

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