Designed primarily for entry-level positions.


Designed especially for knowledge workers and line workers.

Critical Talent

Designed to suit the needs of specialists, high potentials and senior managers.


Designed for members of your executive team and those in key leadership positions.

Solution Builder

Step 1

Select the number of employees from each target group who would benefit from improved Business English:

1 2 3
  • Workforce

    50,000 0

    Offer these employees our low-cost, self-paced, on-demand solution.

  • Professional

    10,000 0

    Offer these employees self-paced learning supplemented by regular motivational check-ins.

  • Critical Talent

    5,000 0

    Offer high potentials a blended solution that includes formal and informal learning and customized private virtual coaching.

  • Executives

    500 0

    Offer executives a fully personalized solution with the greatest flexibility and that includes Business English learning in the context of global leadership.