We partner with industry leaders.

Our partners come from across the globe and are leaders in the fields of education, ESL publishing, technology and global business. Our partners provide ongoing support in the development and distribution of GlobalEnglish.

Content Partners

The International Dialects of English Archive (IDEA) was created in 1997 as a repository of primary-source recordings for actors and other artists in the performing arts. Founded and directed by Professor Paul Meier, the archive resides at the Department of Theatre and Film at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, Kansas (USA). All recordings are in English, are of native speakers, and contain both English language dialects and English spoken in the accents of other languages. Content from IDEA is available in GlobalEnglish Edge™. Read more: web.ku.edu/idea

TMA World’s premier online service, Country Navigator™, (www.countrynavigator.com) is a dynamic source of information on business culture around the world. The Country Navigator includes a cultural profile generator and gap analysis tool, personalized "flight packs" with country information, and a networking tool for sharing cross-cultural experiences and tips. Select content from the Country Navigator™ is accessible in GlobalEnglish Edge. See more at: www.tmaworld.com

Global LT has been providing language services and cultural training for small-size companies up to large global organizations for over 32 years. They focus on language training, translation, interpreting services and expatriate training. Content from Global LT is available in One by GlobalEnglish. Learn more on their website: www.global-lt.com

MarketWatch is a leading e-distributor of digital news, photos and other content from brand-name sources. GlobalEnglish Magazine, the online magazine of GlobalEnglish One, provides articles from MarketWatch on world news, business and other interesting topics. Read more: www.marketwatch.com

ISUS is an innovative, Web-based language learning platform through which a student, their teacher and an experienced team can develop and manage a personalized program of telephone classes and online learning, 24/7, across the globe. Through a sophisticated system of automatic reports and alerts, the ISUS pedagogical team is able to schedule learners and monitor a learner's progress and satisfaction. One Coach utilizes the ISUS platform, which automatically adapts to local time zones and preferred languages. To learn more, visit: www.ispeakuspeak.com

Strategic Partners

Virtual Community Builders (VCB) is a Colombia-based company with more than 10 years of experience in the development and management of virtual communities in the education, information, shopping and entertainment sectors. VCB also designs and develops websites, portals and virtual communities, allowing for easy content management. Learn more: www.vcb.com.co

Edutecno has over 15 years of experience in computer science and English training. They offer classroom training, e-learning courses and movable classrooms. See more: www.edutecno.cl

XpertLearning is a privately held company that is focused on providing learning solutions and learning content to the corporate, academic and government sectors. Founded in 2003 by Janine Croft and Paul Michael Gledhill, XpertLearning has become one of the key e-learning providers in the Middle East. Visit their website to learn more: www.xpertlearning.com

LR Management Group (LRMG) is a performance agency based in South Africa that empowers people through management consulting, skills development, people technology and e-learning. LRMG partners with clients to enhance employee performance, develop critical business competencies and develop people so that individuals and organizations can reach their greatest performance potential and beyond. Learn more: www.lrmg.co.za

The GlobalEnglish partnership has enabled us to improve our Business English on a global scale, resulting in additional market opportunities and ROI.

— John Johns, HR Director, Americas at CSC

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