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Seeing Around Corners Is Hard!

Social, Mobile and You: Making sense of the highs and lows of emerging technologies

Building a successful business is hard work, but building a successful technology business is especially hard work.  In my time here at GlobalEnglish (more than a decade!), I’ve learned that when it comes to emerging technologies like Social or Mobile, the ‘wisdom of crowds’ can sometimes be spot on, and other times, dead wrong in predicting success or failure. Today’s ‘hot’ is often quickly tomorrow’s ‘dud’ –  just ask the people behind MySpace or Napster! Predicting the future continues to be notoriously difficult (follow for example the currently raging debate on the future of Groupon’s business model).

At GlobalEnglish, however, that’s exactly what we’re obligated to do when we develop and release future products — make intelligent choices, avoid the ‘herd mentality’, and separate the facts from the hype – with the penultimate goal of creating the very best on-demand solutions in the world, in order to  delight and astound our customers. As the renowned marketer Seth Godin has noted, predicting the future is hard work and requires practice and experience and fortunately, we’ve had a lot of both here at GlobalEnglish!  Already in 2011, I’ve had the pleasure of introducing several exciting new updates, including a new mobile application, key updates to our GlobalEnglish Personal Coaching Service™, and other improvements. But these are really the appetizers for what’s yet to come – bold new services focused on speaking, social, collaboration and mobile applications.

Social Media Subscriber Infographic by Brian Hodge

No one, especially in Silicon Valley, would deny the fact that two of the biggest buzz words driving innovation in tech today are Social and Mobile. Have a look at the infographic below — in 2010, Facebook had the largest subscriber base with 400 million users – that’s larger than the population of the United States and last week, Mark Zuckerberg confirmed that the number is now 750 million!

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