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Revolutionize How You Assess and Develop the English Skills of Your Most Important Asset—Your People


New! Talent Management Solutions help you leverage English assessment and benchmarking through the global talent management process

Today, the ever-shrinking talent pool and fierce competition for English language speakers in emerging markets causes global talent recruitment to be one of the biggest challenges—and expenses—of conducting business in the global economy.

According to McKinsey, 87%[1] of employees in emerging markets are unsuitable for employment at multinationals, with poor English skills blamed as the number one reason. The demand from employers for English language skills brings an additional complexity to those in recruitment roles, as they not only look to identify candidates with the necessary skills for the position at hand, but also the Business English proficiency to match.

Forward-thinking global talent leaders have already realized that English can play an important role in the recruitment and development efforts of their workforce. That’s because a worker’s English proficiency can significantly limit or boost job performance, satisfaction and career growth. In fact, English is now a skill many global employers increasingly demand but have trouble assessing upfront because many talent managers are using 20th-century solutions to address this 21st-century problem!

To tackle this issue, we’ve launched a new suite of Talent Management Solutions to help you assess the Business English skills of potential candidates as well as your existing workforce. We’re very excited, as this suite combines the latest online and mobile technologies that:

  • Offer recruiters a simpler, faster, cheaper and more effective solution to accurately measure language skills
  • Analyze the language abilities of both individuals and mass pools of applicants—up to 100,000 people at one time!
  • Focus on Business English communication skills needed to perform job-related tasks as opposed to just general English language proficiency
  • Supply immediate results to help recruiters better identify high-caliber candidates

Why now?
Karine Allouche Salanon, CEO of GlobalEnglish, says: “It’s becoming clear that 20th-century testing methods are failing 21st-century business demands. This makes it especially difficult for companies looking for the highest standards from new employees, so accurate pre-screening of hires is vital. With businesses around the world spending over $3,300 in recruitment costs for each employee,[2] GlobalEnglish Talent Management Solutions will help streamline the hiring process, helping recruiters to retain a competitive advantage and to identify the best candidates for roles quickly and efficiently.”

Allouche Salanon continues: “Winning the war for talent ultimately comes down to being able to identify, attract and retain the best candidates while also minimizing business costs, and it is this reality which has driven the development of GlobalEnglish Talent Management Solutions. Our research shows that there is a real need for these tools to transform the pre-screening process for recruiters, bypassing human bias to provide an objective assessment of language ability.”

Read more about our solutions below or contact us today to schedule your Executive Briefing.

Talent Management Solutions package comprises two assessment products:


  • An elegant online test that immediately measures and benchmarks Business English proficiency
  • English test results are delivered within minutes through a fully automated scoring system driven by proprietary speech processing technology and advanced linguistic science
  • The test is available in three configurations: speaking, writing, and speaking and writing

GlobalEnglish STEP+:

  • Offers a 52-minute test combining online computing and human expertise. Reading and listening skills are measured by an automated process that delivers instant results upon completion of the test
  • An innovative speaking test section, evaluating English proficiency, pronunciation and verbal communication competence, is scored by native English language experts, with results available in 48 hours

We also offer three different levels of diagnostic reports:
Level 1 Global Standard Report:

  • Candidate’s scores with international learning standards—such as the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR)—allowing comparison with globally recognized language proficiency levels

Level 2 Industry Profile Report:

  • General recommendations, or validation, of the proficiency level required by the job profile(s)
  • A gap analysis, measuring a candidate’s current language skills against the general level of proficiency required by the job profile(s)
  • A set of guidelines and learning recommendations to close the gap, including time and cost estimates

Level 3 Custom Benchmark Report:

  • The definition of each company’s own standard language benchmark or a range of benchmarks for specific job profiles
  • A gap analysis, measuring a candidate’s current language skills against the custom benchmark(s) defined by an organization
  • A set of guidelines and learning recommendations to close the gap, including time and cost estimates

[1] The Emerging Global Labor Market: Part II—The Supply of Offshore Talent in Services, McKinsey & Company, June 2005

[2] Benchmarks and Trends of Spending, Staffing and Key Talent Metrics, The Bersin & Associates Study, Talent Acquisition Factbook® 2011


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Exciting News! GlobalEnglish Launches RPM, a Revolutionary New Approach to Business English Learning

You may have the best learning and productivity software in the world, but it won’t be effective if your employees don’t use it. At GlobalEnglish, we have spent years developing products to improve the Business English proficiency that global companies need to thrive in a global marketplace.  Many of our clients, top Fortune 500 companies, have seen remarkable outcomes as their employees improve their English, get on-the-job performance support and collaborate more efficiently. At the same time, global professionals are busier every day, and our subscribers tell us that finding the time and motivation to keep using GlobalEnglish is one of their biggest challenges—even when they know they need it!

To overcome this challenge, we have taken insights from modern learning science and behavioral psychology and built them into the core design of our products, through a new approach called RPM: Rewards, Progress and Measurement

The first part of the approach is rewards, in the form of points and badges that will be familiar and intuitive to today’s digitally savvy workers. Although this is a well-known gamification technique, GlobalEnglish differs from casual games because we emphasize learning and productivity, not mere activity. And unlike some language learning programs, which make you work for months before you get any sense of achievement, GlobalEnglish allows individuals to earn points after a single session and feel successful right away.  We also offer more significant rewards in the form of badges, which take longer to obtain but are more meaningful. This consistent, progressive system of feedback keeps engagement high over time. As a result, you see sustained, long-term gains in Business English at your organization.

In addition to feeling successful every time they log in, GlobalEnglish subscribers also gain greater understanding of their progress through the RPM approach. Instead of moving slowly through a traditional general English curriculum, subscribers study and earn badges for specific, competency-based Business and Language Skill units.  With units on highly relevant topics such as “Starting a meeting,” “Making hotel reservations” and “Asking for advice,” the GlobalEnglish curriculum gives your employees control over and transparency into what they learn, and makes it easy for managers and administrators to see the value of time spent with GlobalEnglish.

We’ve all heard the catch-phrase “Big Data” of late.  With RPM, Big Data becomes Meaningful Data.  Measurement is the aspect of RPM that brings everything together.  Whether you’re trying to lose weight, stick to a budget, or increase English proficiency, setting goals and keeping track of activity and milestones are the keys to success.  Through their progress report and badge showroom, individuals can see how they are doing not only against their own goals, but also against GlobalEnglish recommendations and industry standards.  Managers and administrators also have access to in-depth quantitative information about their accounts through a brand new Report Center with beautiful interactive, graphs and downloadable Excel reports.  With these state-of-the art tools, you can provide the guidance and accountability that’s at the heart of any successful employee development program.

At GlobalEnglish, we are excited to bring you the RPM approach, which demonstrates our commitment to not only making the best learning and productivity software, but to making our products easy to use, motivating, and ultimately, the most effective solution for your needs. Learn more about RPM on our website.

Lindsay Oishi, Product Owner, Efficacy and Progress and Jonathan Miranda, Product Owner, Rewards and Personalization, have been working diligently to bring RPM to life at GlobalEnglish.

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How To Fast Track Global Team Performance Using Social Collaboration Tools

Key highlights and insights from our recent web event

It’s a new age for business: the collaboration and social interactions proven to drive innovation, productivity and competitive advantage in organizations are now possible on a global scale. GlobalEnglish Virtual Team Performance, Social Collaboration EventTo better explain how you can support global team performance by using social collaboration tools, we hosted a free web event with Enterprise 2.0 expert and CEO of Roberts Golden Consulting, Inc., Sara Roberts, GlobalEnglish CEO Mahesh Ram, and Senior Director of Strategic Accounts, Alex Lowrie.

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