South by Southwest is the “Most Valuable Business Weekend of the Year.” Are You In the Conversation?


South by Southwest, the innovative event that takes over the city of Austin, Texas each year, has evolved from a music confab to a sprawling “ideas festival” where tech-based businesses from around the world try to outdo one another with eye-opening demos and jaw-dropping announcements. Despite claims that SxSW has “jumped the shark” in recent years by succumbing to hype and spectacle, forward-leaning businesses still consider the most valuable weekend of the year, according to a piece on Mashable from March 8, 2017.

“Smart marketers are recognizing that the real audience at SXSW isn’t necessarily the average attendee who comes for panels and the parties, but the people speaking on those panels and throwing those parties,” writes Mashable’s Ben Hindman.

GlobalEnglish CEO Karine Allouche Salanon engaged with other thought leaders during this year's SxSW.The piece reports that one out of every three people at SXSW self-identifies as a manager making more than $150K per year, someone with the authority to make deals and make things happen. And that’s why they attend. “People go to SXSW to be inspired. They go to learn about new ideas. They go to start movements and take risks,” writes Hindman.

While the public side of SxSW plays out on event stages and exhibit halls around the city, some of the real action happens in social occasions that dominate the night life. There, the boundaries between business conversation and personal passion blur as ideas and money start to fly. And because SxSW takes place in the capital of Texas in America’s heartland, the vast majority of those conversations are happening in English.

If your innovative business is trying to get attention at a forum like SxSW, every personal encounter is an opportunity. That’s why everyone on your team needs the skills and confidence to participate fully in conversations in Business English.

GlobalEnglish programs can help organizations prepare every employee for world changing conversations where and whenever they might happen, by providing solid and systematic instruction in Business English, and helping learners rapidly gain the proficiency they need to engage in business and technical conversations with English-speakers around the world.

Our unique style of blended learning empowers your talent to better manage other important global businesses challenges, including the ability to manage relationships with partners and resources around the world, adapting to new technology and business models, and leveraging technology for productivity and analytics. Our customers find time and again that as their employees gain a better foothold on Business English, they improve on overall performance.

We encourage organizations seeking to create a strong foundation of English competency to achieve business goals to talk with their local GlobalEnglish representatives to see how we can help them better navigate the future realities of global business.

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