English Is the Preferred Language of Business

According to a Reuters survey of 16,000 workers in 26 countries

English Is the Preferred Language of BusinessIt’s one thing when experts in the Business English field give you advice about how to strengthen your workforce in the face of globalization—and it’s another thing entirely when that workforce tells you itself.

A new poll conducted by Ipsos Global Public Affairs focuses on this blog’s common theme—the critical need for Business English in global business—by talking to the employees themselves. The poll surveyed 16,344 employed adults in 26 countries, and the results make some pretty bold statements about the state of our increasingly borderless business world.

More than 25% of respondents say they interact with people in other countries in the course of their job (that number jumps to more than 50% among workers in India, Singapore and Saudi Arabia)—and 67% of those employees say English is the most frequently used language. Does any other language come close? Definitely not. In the No. 2 position is Spanish, used by just a slim 5% of those workers.

As for the idea that future generations of Americans should learn Mandarin or Japanese in order to compete, Ipsos CEO Darrell Bricker affirms that English is actually the clear and valuable choice. In the article, Bricker notes that the survey revealed that 63% of workers in China most commonly use English when communicating with those in other countries.

But the survey’s “most revealing aspect … is how English has emerged as the default language for business around the world,” observes Bricker, and Ipsos discovered that that presents a challenge for many global companies and employees. Of those who interact with people in other countries, 61% say they use a language that’s not their native tongue. Luckily, it’s a global business challenge for which GlobalEnglish has tailored an enterprise-wide solution.

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