Don’t Miss Tomorrow’s Webinar with Bersin & Associates

See why top companies are 113 times more efficient, flexible and profitable

Tomorrow at 12:00 noon ET/17:00 GMT, Bersin & Associates’ VP of Research, David Mallon, and GlobalEnglish’s CEO, Mahesh Ram, will introduce the Enterprise Fluency™ Maturity Model designed by Bersin & Associates. Register now for the webinar.

It’s very likely that the majority of your workers are non-native English speakers, yet most of them must work and perform while using Business English every day—and that reality can have serious consequences. In fact, the new Enterprise Fluency™ Maturity Model designed by Bersin & Associates found that ineffective global communication in English causes major problems for global companies, from poor productivity to slow time to market to sharply reduced profits.

Join this webinar to see how you can immediately create a competitive edge with a company-wide focus on global communications. It’s a conversation you don’t want to miss!


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