Why high performing companies view global communications as a vital KPI [webinar]

GlobalEnglish hosts a conversation with Bersin & Associates’ Vice President of Research David Mallon

Join us on March 29 at 12:00 ET/17:00 GMT for a conversation with Bersin & Associates’ Vice President of Research David Mallon and GlobalEnglish’s CEO Mahesh Ram. They will introduce the new Enterprise Fluency™ Maturity Model designed by Bersin & Associates, which shows that ineffective global communication in English causes serious problems—from poor productivity to slow time to market to sharply reduced profits.

The model was developed after Bersin & Associates conducted research with global companies asking them to rank their performance and support across a variety of dimensions ranging from business communications to people development to innovation and change. The assessment showed how organizations with a strategic approach to enabling effective, global communications are:

  • 16 times more likely be a relative high performer at controlling costs
  • 28 times more likely to be better at customer satisfaction
  • 86 times more likely to reach the market faster than the competition

These results were then translated into the maturity model. The model itself helps companies understand how the degree to which they address global communications strategically affects their business success across a range of parameters, including financial growth, market share, customer satisfaction, agility, employee productivity, and quality.

Don’t wait because companies at the highest level of global communications maturity are 113 times more likely than those at the first level to be efficient, flexible and profitable.

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