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The Top Three Trends Shaping Global Business Success

For global organizations, optimizing talent, technology and innovation are integral to growth

We couldn’t be more excited about the World Business Forum! The keynote speakers, representing a diverse cross-section of business executives and thought leaders, are presenting on topics such as creativity, innovation, economic policy and talent management—all vital to organizational success in this “flat” business world.

GlobalEnglish has had the opportunity to work with companies of all sizes and from all sectors to help them make the most of global opportunities. We’ve been able to observe firsthand the challenges, opportunities and overarching trends facing companies worldwide. As we’re at the World Business Forum, here’s what we see as the top three trends shaping global business:

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Resolving the Enterprise Fluency Dilemma

Join the movement to improve global workforce communication!

Do you sometimes suspect productivity and performance are suffering because your workforce can’t communicate? Well you’re facing a much larger problem than that—when communication is poor that negatively impacts team collaboration and operational effectiveness. Tie that all together and what you’re really facing is what we call the Enterprise Fluency Dilemma.

This dilemma manifests itself in the tradeoffs companies must make between the benefits of globalization—like untapped workforces in emerging markets and the potential for growth—and the risks created as a result of that expansion—such as communication clashes and diverse business practices.

The McKinsey Global Institute has called it the “globalization penalty”—the negative by-product that occurs when companies establish an international presence, only to find current strategies don’t necessarily address the complexities of a global economy. At the root of the problem? Deficient Business English skills. Many companies simply aren’t prepared for a large workforce—sometimes in the tens of thousands—who must work effectively in the de facto language of business, English.

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In The News: Showcasing Three New GlobalEnglish Products

Three new products and a whole new brand: what a day we’ve had at GlobalEnglish!

In case you hadn’t already heard GlobalEnglish has been quite the newsmaker today! Our CEO, Mahesh Ram—along with our new suite of innovative products—has been at the center of several online articles including one published on VentureBeat (GlobalEnglish offers new suite of tools to help multinational employees learn English by Dean Takahashi) and another published on the Dow Jones Venture Wire (GlobalEnglish Makes Learning Business English Easier by Deborah Gage).

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The Innovation Journey never stops…

“Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together” – Vincent Van Gogh

At GlobalEnglish, I’m happy to say that we’ve had a year full of incredible milestones so far. We’ve helped thousands of companies in over 150 countries improve their Enterprise Fluency™—the communication and collaboration that drives high performance in a global economy.

We’ve delivered several enhancements to our existing products and we’ve launched the first-ever measure of global business English competency, the Business English Index (BEI). We’ve added several dozen new customers in the last quarter alone and we’ve dramatically increased our subscriber base. Through our success in the first three quarters of 2011 we have strengthened our position as the market leader by enabling the productivity and efficiency of the global companies we serve.  These companies can clearly point to the increased sales and customer satisfaction they realize when their global teams can communicate, collaborate and operate like never before.

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