“Classroom training takes too long to see results and I don’t know whether it’s working”

You may already offer some of your employees traditional Business English classroom training. But how do you know if all those months in the classroom are paying off? If you suspect traditional classroom training isn’t good enough to meet the demands of global business, your doubts are well founded.

Fact: Nearly 3/4 of global workers feel pressure to improve their English skills within the next year1

Employees are painfully aware of their skills gap: 71% say they need to become proficient in English this year and 92% say they must improve within two years to get ahead in their organization.

You can’t afford to waste any time or money—particularly when you don’t know if the investment will lead to your desired results.

Fact: Over 50% of what employees learn in the classroom will likely be forgotten2

Research shows that employees forget about 50% of what they learn within one hour unless they have the opportunity to apply their new skills right away.

Are you comfortable throwing away 50% of your investment?

What if you could offer real-world Business English instruction and easily measure the results?

With GlobalEnglish’s suite of products, your employees can start communicating in English with greater precision and accuracy right away. Because we’ve aligned our solutions with the 70:20:10 framework of learning and development—a model that stresses learning reinforcement via practical application—you’ll reduce the likelihood that employees forget what they’ve learned before they have the opportunity to use it.

GlobalEnglish Edge

Moreover, by taking advantage of our reporting and analysis capabilities, you can track and measure exactly how your team’s enhanced Business English is improving your bottom line.

Align your Business English program with how employees actually learn and start moving your people forward toward improved productivity and performance in the workplace.

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