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Self-paced learning


Our digital platform for structured, self-paced Business English learning.
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Regular guidance and encouragement from your personal Business English advisor.
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Virtual blended learning

One FocusOne Focus

A set of intensive courses to prepare learners for critical, real-life, professional business skills and scenarios.Read more

One Executive Coach

One-on-one virtual coaching to help executive leaders develop their business English.Read more

One Coach

One-on-one virtual coaching to accelerate your Business English.Read more

One Virtual Group

A virtual Business English course with matched classmates, tailored curriculum and dedicated coach, available from anywhere in the world. Read more

Assessment and Reporting

One Assessment

Our two assessment products, Versant and Step+, to measure Business English proficiency immediately and accurately.Read more

One Dashboard

A robust reporting tool for One, giving administrators immediate access to the data they need to view progress and set goals for their talent.Read more

Business in the Digital Age

Why a new approach to English learning is the secret to dramatic business improvement

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Posted on July 12 , 2016

Why Brexit may increase need for English outside of EU

When the UK vote to leave the European Union was cast, the makeup of the British labor force was a major issue in many people’s minds. Over 2 million people from European Union co...

Posted on July 06 , 2016

Social Enterprises are facing the same Human Capital issues as Global Corporatio...

Not only do big corporations face the war for talent, this new research demonstrates how social entrepreneurs around the world face the same dilemma. RippleWorks Foundation, which ...

Posted on June 16 , 2016

Is Learning English the Way to Tackle English-biased Research?

In order to change the world, we have to start by accepting it where we find it. When it comes to content on the Internet, the vast majority of it is written in English. Even non-En...

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