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GlobalEnglish Edge

Deliver self-paced, structured Business English learning that’s engaging and rewarding to every employee, regardless of role or skill level.
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GlobalEnglish Bloom

Promote global collaboration through company-specific content and expert feedback via an informal learning platform. Read more

GlobalEnglish Lingo

Offer on-demand Business English support to employees wherever and whenever they need it. Read more


GlobalEnglish Motivator

Keep all your employees motivated to learn and progress through regular, personal support and encouragement. Read more

GlobalEnglish Coach

Accelerate your high-value employees’ learning progress through personalized Business English coaching. Read more

GlobalEnglish ExecutiveCoach

Support your most critical executive talent with platinum-level, one-to-one virtual coaching focused on the use and development of English within executive leadership competencies.
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Assess the use of everyday written and spoken English of your employees or job candidates and get automated scoring with detailed report within minutes. Read more

GlobalEnglish Step+

Deploy an on-demand, easy-to-administer Business English test that measures business competencies across your organization. Read more

Business in the Digital Age

Why a new approach to English learning is the secret to dramatic business improvement

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Global Access: High Performance in a Connected Economy

Posted on December 06 , 2013

Why blended learning is the key to success

More educators, schools and universities are just now becoming aware of what GlobalEnglish has known for a long time - virtual blended learning is essential to learning new ski...

Posted on December 11 , 2013

Business English Training Will Help Emerging Markets Beyond The BRIC Nations Be Successful

Since their rise to international prominence, the emerging BRIC nations–Brazil, Russia, India and China–have been the focus of talent strategies for businesses around th...

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